Staff Wellbeing in Schools

The solution to recruitment and retention is improving staff wellbeing and you have the power to make a difference.

Running a school can be incredibly challenging

In the complex landscape of education, one of the key challenges lies in retaining exceptional members of staff —those who bring passion, expertise, and dedication to their job – in all roles in our schools. 

I’m sure it won’t surprise you that 78% of all staff in educational institutions are currently experiencing stress. And that wellbeing scores of education staff are considerably lower than the national average. 

Instead of thriving in a vocation they are so passionate about, they are feeling unheard and unmotivated. Stress has such a wide reaching impact on health, which leads to challenges of absence and underperformance, but as a leader, it can be a delicate balancing act meeting the needs of a diverse set of individuals.

Teacher and pupil

There is no glossing over it, we have a retention and recruitment crisis.

But we can begin to repair it by giving staff a safe space to be heard.

Many school leaders believe that wellbeing is out of their hands and the government should do more, but 55% of staff stated that their organisation’s culture had a negative effect on their wellbeing. I am sure you want to be one of the schools to lower that percentage and support your staff to be at their best.  

I understand how difficult it is to lead schools. To know where to prioritise your energies and your money to ensure the best outcomes for the pupils is a never-ending battle.

Wellbeing issues impact ALL staff.


And there is a growing movement to address this.
Whether teaching or not, your staff are all passionate about making a difference in children’s lives.

Your time invested in wellbeing now will pay dividends in the future, and have your staff feeling more empowered.

Many schools aspire to put staff wellbeing on the radar, showing their staff how much they value their time and efforts.
But knowing what to do to make that impact can be hard.

Every school is individual, with different staff dynamics, and the area and type of school can play a part. What works well for staff in one school can be a disaster in others. So how do you pinpoint the problems in YOUR school?


Nourish The Workplace ™️

Helps schools to help themselves.

An anonymous staff survey gives you what you really need to know – how staff feel about working at your school.

Are the wellbeing initiatives that you have in place actually working?

Are people happy and feel able to do their job effectively?  

What we offer

  • Targeted Wellbeing Surveys That Ask the Right Questions 

Our surveys are meticulously crafted to encompass all areas of working practices, happiness, health in the workplace, workload, and job satisfaction. These questions are strategically designed to collect the information you need and what staff want to tell you. 

  • Comprehensive Reports with Expert Recommendations 

Upon completion, schools receive a detailed report providing insights into the sentiments of their staff. Uncover the specific factors that contribute to the wellbeing of your staff, enabling you to implement targeted strategies for retention and productivity. 

  • Recruitment Help Whilst Celebrating Your Successes 

All participating schools receive guidance on crafting a dedicated staff wellbeing page for their website. Further to that, eligible schools can work towards the Nourish the Workplace Award which serves as a celebration of success and becomes a compelling showcase for prospective new staff.  

Essential Level

Premium Level

£6 per member of staff at your school 

  • Our tried and tested essential survey. 30 questions targeted at getting you the data and information you need 
  • Full analysis report including all the data, the comments left by the staff and our expert recommendations for realistic and sustainable future planning 
  • Toolkit to support your drive towards meaningful change 
  • Access to Nourish the Workplace Award structure and application support 
  • Guidance on how to create a staff wellbeing page for your website to attract new employees 

    £8 per member of staff at your school 

    • A bespoke survey for your school/trust. Use a mix of our tried and tested questions and ask about issues pertinent to your current situation 
    • Full analysis report including all the data, the comments left by the staff and our expert recommendations for realistic and sustainable future planning 
    • Analysis across key stages/departments/schools within a trust with our recommendations. 
    • Toolkit to support your drive towards meaningful change 
    • Access to Nourish the Workplace Award structure and application support 
    • Guidance on how to create a staff wellbeing page for your website to attract new employees 

    My programme works for schools in any country, please contact me for international prices.

    “It is nice to have an award to acknowledge the things we put in place to improve staff wellbeing.”

    • Review from a Nourish School

    “Really helped us to consider what was important to staff and how to work with them to improve.”

    • Review from a Nourish School

    “It helped us to identify areas to address but also to celebrate.”

    • Review from a Nourish School

    You may feel that you have a happy workplace full of motivated staff, and you probably do! Many of the issues this tool identifies are easy fixes. but it’s often the small, unnoticed issues compounded over time that really affect people’s mental wellbeing. Our staff survey spotlights those issues, and staff feel valued and heard as a result.

    ​The results from the survey are compiled to give you a comprehensive whole school analysis. This gives you the raw data and most importantly, the comments that staff have left in regards to the questions so you know where to target your efforts to bring about positive change.

    Why choose us:

    Our surveys are not just about addressing immediate concerns; they are about fostering an environment that retains exceptional staff. By investing in our wellbeing surveys, you are investing in the longevity and success of your educational community. 

    We understand that as busy leaders, your to-do list is already extensive. Outsourcing the survey process to us not only ensures its effectiveness but also frees up your valuable time to focus on pressing tasks. With 5 years of experience in crafting the right questions, we bring a level of expertise that guarantees meaningful insights. 

    Moreover, outsourcing guarantees complete anonymity for your staff. All surveys are returned directly to us, enhancing the trust of your staff in the survey process. This confidentiality fosters open and honest responses, providing you with a true reflection of your school’s wellbeing landscape.  

    How this contributes to a more positive working environment: 

    • Identifying Pain Points: Our surveys help pinpoint challenges and concerns, allowing schools to address issues proactively and contribute to staff retention. 
    • Tailoring Support and Resources: By understanding unique needs, we enable schools to provide targeted support, fostering loyalty and encouraging staff to stay, ultimately enhancing performance and productivity. 
    • Promoting Open Communication: Surveys create a channel for open communication, strengthening the connection between employees and the organisation. 
    • Building Trust and Transparency: Regular surveys demonstrate a commitment to transparency, building trust in the organisation’s leadership.
    • Preventing Burnout: Identifying signs of burnout early allows for timely interventions, preventing valuable employees from reaching a point of no return, saving money on absence and recruitment. 
    • Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement: A commitment to continuous improvement based on survey feedback signals that the organisation values wellbeing, fostering an environment where staff are more likely to stay and grow.
    Kimberley Evans